Washington Intern Study Experience

The WiSE Intern Study Experience

Impact your career and future

Intern in Washington, DC—live on Capitol Hill—build your network—gain academic credit toward graduation. All in one extraordinary city and semester!

Academic Credit   •   Internships   •   Residential Life   •   Community

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Internships change lives

Internships provide real world experience necessary to obtain good paying jobs after graduation. They are stepping stones into careers.

The WiSE program puts students on an international stage at the hub of politics, culture, law and so much more. Unlike any other city, the internship opportunities and scope of globally recognized organizations is greater here than anywhere else.

They are powerfully influenced by their exposure to our museums, monuments and the diversity of our city. History comes to life and abstract ideas become tangible. Ideas change from theoretical to personal.

Nowhere else are we as immersed in American history, values and achievements. Here, we understand how our history impacted the world and why we stand for freedom. Students are inspired by the incredible accomplishments made in law, science and the arts.

The real life experience of interning is shared with peers and advisors to amplify their knowledge through feedback and discussion.

When our alumni return to campus they are more confident. They have been exposed to new reachable goals and opened doors that they never knew existed with our Washington Internship Program. They are the future leaders.

That’s the WiSE way to learn!

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Academic Credit

Live, work and study for a semester in amazing Washington DC while you earn credit towards your degree.

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Red-Star-WISE Intern program DC


Nothing beats on-the-job experience. Our Washington Internship Program interns work in government, politics, media and much more.

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Residential Life

Live in intern-only housing right on Capitol Hill. Meet fellow interns through social and professional events.

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Red-Star-WISE Intern program DC

Join an instant community of your peers.

You’ll never feel alone — you’ll build your professional network and meet friends for life through our weekly social and professional events.

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The 4 parts of the Washington Intern Study Experience (WiSE):

  1. Internships: Interning is vital in getting ahead in your career. WiSE will place you in a job that matches your career goals. Our interns say it changes their lives.
  2. Academic Credit: Earn college credit while you take an amazing course
  3. Residential Life: Live with your peers in intern-only housing right on Capitol Hill
  4. Community: Our weekly social and professional development events introduce you to a whole new community where you’ll make connections for life.

Earn academic credit toward your degree while you intern in our Nation’s Capital. While participating in the Washington Intern Study Experience, you will make friends and business connections while you work, live and study.

Our interns work in the White House, Congress, the FBI, Smithsonian, Supreme Court and many more organizations. View the map 

Washington DC is the hub of government, media, journalism, international affairs and so much more. Students come from around the world to experience the energy and opportunity of our city. Don’t miss it! Be part of our intern community.

That’s the WiSE way to learn!

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About WISH and WiSE

Our parent company, WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing) was founded over 25 years ago with the mission of changing the lives of interns coming to DC.

We understand the value of an experience in our nation’s capitol with a Washington Internship Program is unlike any other. Being immersed in the center of government has a huge impact on students personally and professionally.

Our newest program, WiSE (Washington Intern Study Experience), adds academics to the program. Students earn college credit while they work, live and network.

We support students through scholarship funding to bring more of them to our nation’s capitol.

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