About Us

Our parent company, WISH, started 25 years ago with a simple goal:

To give students the best possible internship and residential life experience in Washington DC. Founder Jacqueline Lewis saw a need for students coming to DC to have a safe place to live and a community to support them. She said “I knew we could help” and founded our parent company, WISH, in 1992 to develop housing and student programs on Capitol Hill. She hasn’t stopped since.

This is why we offer WiSE affordable and inclusive leading to a degree and career of choice.


WISE-Program-Student-Portrait-About-Us“My WISH internship increased my confidence and made the impossible a reality.”
Steven L., University of Mississippi; WISH Alumni now working at overseas Private Investment Corporation

Wise Program Student Portrait “A unique immersion into DC professional and social circles. I made friends that will last a lifetime.”
Magan B., University of Alabama; WISH Alumni now working at US Chamber of Commerce

Wise Program Student Portrait 2“I would not be where I am today had I not spent my summers working in Washington DC.”
Bennett R., James Madison University; WISH Alumni now working at Cardinal Infrastructure

Portrait-Student-WISH-program“Living on Capitol Hill was great. I loved my experience in DC.”
Hannah P., University of Pittsburgh; WISH Alumni now working at DC United

How we support students in getting to DC.

We understand a semester interning in DC takes a lot of resources.

We support our students with scholarship funding so more can experience DC.

We believe internships change lives, but it takes more than the job itself to make it happen. We host weekly events, offer professional development, academic programs, social events and a residential life environment that builds community.

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