Program Rates, Dates and Deadlines

2018 Fall Semester

The Washington Intern Study Experience (WISE) costs about the same as a semester abroad and less than many other programs. Housing, events, academics and professional development are all included in the cost for this Washington DC Internship Program.

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Fall Semester: September 1—December 15

Deadlines for Application and Deposit

Fall Semester: Due July 1

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Rates: Academic Program, Internship and Housing

Academics/Internship Placement: $4000


Single: $5800 (Total: $9800)

Double: $4800 (Total: $8800)

Triple: $4500 (Total: $8500)

Quad: $4100 (Total: $8100)

Rates: Internship and Housing

Taking classes at your home campus online? No problem. We can still help.
WISE offers the option of the internship and housing too!

Internship Placement: $1500


Single: $5800 (Total: $7300)

Double: $4800 (Total: $6300)

Triple: $4500 (Total: $6000)

Quad: $4100 (Total: $5600)

“It was the experience of a lifetime.”

Tara B., Florida State University

“The housing and experience was amazing. I am in constant contact with friends I made while living on Capitol Hill.”

Karlie L., University of Florida, WISH Alumni, now working at Coastal Construction Company

“Your gift to the Washington program will have a lasting impact on our students.”


“You provide an all-encompassing D.C. experience.”

Marcus Harris, Family Research Council

“We housed our interns with you and are so proud to partner with your company!”

College to Congress

“The program offers exclusive a behind the scenes look at Washington’s institutions combined with small gatherings with local alumni that help you to network and kick start your career.  My internship at the World Affairs Councils of America opened a door for me to begin my career which has led to my current position at POLITICO.”

Marc Sames ’13

“Your gift will make this transformative experience possible for more of our students. Your generosity in supporting students from thousands of miles away is truly remarkable and I want you to know it will make a significant impact.”

Lawrence Becker, California State University, Northridge