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What type of internship will I be placed in?
WISH has hundreds of business contacts throughout Washington, DC.  We want to make sure you are placed in a premier internship in your area of interest.  Some sample internships are as follows:

Media and Communications
SiriusXM Radio
U.S. House of Representatives offices and committees
U.S. Senate offices and committees
Federal Communications Commission
NBC4 Washington, DC

Financial Services Roundtable
Department of Commerce
Center for American Progress
US Chamber of Commerce
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

International Relations and Conflict Resolution
American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
World Affairs Council of America
Council on Foreign Relations
Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation
International Center for Terrorism Studies
Atlantic Council
Latin American Division of Center for International Policy
Korean Embassy
Forced Marriage Initiative – The Tahirih Justice Center
Center for international Policy

Criminal Justice
United States Capitol Police
US Marshal Service
Department of Justice
Homeland Security
Pretrial Services Agency

American Government and Politics
Senate and House Judiciary Committees
Republican National Committee
Democratic National Committee
Center for International Private Enterprise
The White House
Foreign Policy Initiative

Are Internships Paid?
Only a few internships are paid. Most Washington, DC internships are non-paid and allow the student to gain valuable work experience and insight into how the three branches of government work and how nongovernmental organizations, trade associations and business intersect in the nation’s capital. Depending on the organization, some may offer Metro travel stipends.

 What does WISH Internships offer outside of the Internship?
Your internship fee covers oversight during the semester to provide valuable insight and advice to enhance the intern’s experience.  Along with seminars, site visits, portfolio presenations and residential life services including; monthly socials, a lecture series, networking opportunities and a career night.

How much does it cost to participate in the WISH Internships Program?
A per student fee of $1,500 for the Internship Program would be required for the fall, spring, or summer semester. This charge is our guarantee of a placement in a quality internship in Washington based upon individual student interest.


How do I apply for WISH Internships?
It’s simple, go to the Rates/Applications page and complete the online application.  An administrator will confirm receipt of your application and you will be notified within two business days of the status of your application.  In the meantime, it is important to have you resume and transcripts ready as such documents will be required (along with the deposit) to start the matching process.

To qualify for our program you are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Do you take recent Graduates and Graduate students?
Yes! In fact, some internships request graduate students or recent graduates.

How long do I have to respond to an internship offer?
You should respond immediately as the internships are very competitive, but some may allow two business days (this is at the discretion of the employer).