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Why do colleges and universities like The Bauer College of Business, Heidelberg University, Franklin College, Bemidji State University, Bloomfield CollegeMarymount College, Alfred University Lander University, The Washington Media Institute , The University of The Incarnate Word, Pace University, Delaware State University , Georgia College & State University and Univeristy of Indianapolis Lugar Academy use WISH Internships to establish a presence in Washington, DC?

DIVERSE OPPORTUNITIES: Over 90% of the world is represented in Washington through business, embassies, international organizations, media and communication networks.

JOBS: Government of course, but a huge  private sector which is forecast to grow above the national average through 2025, with a focus on  defense and security, telecommunications, business services, government contractors, health care, banking, and technology. 80% of jobs are found through networking, and 72% of interns nationwide are hired.

ALUMNI: Your alumni are here working and ready to help mentor your students and connect with their peers. Use our Capitol Hill ballroom for alumni, enrollment and Congressional receptions.

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT: Teach a cohort of your student interns while in residence in Washington for a semester, two weeks, or through periodic class sessions. Brand your school’s Washington program to establish your institution’s permanent presence in the nation’s capital. Tailor an academic credit arrangement to suit your school’s needs.

Our university platform provides internship placement and supervision, student and faculty housing, classrooms and video-conferencing, and elegant reception space in the historic Capitol Hill district!