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We make the program work for your university and faculty

WISE works closely with program directors to ensure program goals are met. Schools increase their Washington DC presence by alumna living in the area who serve as mentors for the interns, increasing their DC network. Students gain work experience on their resumes for jobs they seek. Endowment continues to increase to support our future leaders.

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Expand the views of your students

Interns come to Washington to immerse themselves in the history, culture and government of our country. They are powerfully influenced by their exposure to our museums, monuments and the diversity of our city. When they return to campus life, their views are expanded, they take on a more global outlook and bring a new perspective to their studies.

Give them real world experience

Personalized internships, academic courses, professional development and networking connections give your students opportunities beyond the campus environment. A paradigm shift is created where they become visionaries, explorers and leaders, excited to make an impact on their community. They gain practical life experience on the job and in a social and learning environment of their peers.

Safe, affordable housing and residential life

We can’t get students a room at the White House, but they will be darn close. Our housing is located right on Capitol Hill and interns can usually walk to work. Residences are intern-only, so they meet other students and never feel alone. We host free weekly social and professional events that bring our intern community together.

All our residences have on-premises Resident Managers and our helpful office staff makes sure they are taken care of.

Support in landing that important internship

We pair students with internships that match their individual career goals and skills. We are well connected with globally recognized organizations in DC and support students in finding their ideal job and an exceptional opportunity. We work with them on their resumes, perform mock interviews so they are prepared to lead.

Investing in our future leaders

Our founder’s goal of bringing more students to Washington has been a 25-year commitment. We support students with scholarships that make our program affordable to as many students as possible.

The cost of a semester in DC is less than a semester abroad and puts students at the hub of politics, culture, law and so much more on an international stage unlike any other city.


Flexibility for our Schools

If the university and faculty want their home courses taught, the students can still attend WISE and take their home courses online. All facilities have wireless internet and some have additional classroom and study spaces. Your students participating in this option would only be responsible for the Internship Placement and housing costs, not the WISE classes.

Course Offerings for the 2018 Fall Semester

Washington, DC History, Culture and Politics

This is a course about “place;” the unique “place” of Washington, DC as America’s “National City.” It is designed not only to introduce you to the fascinating world of Washington, DC through the “Triple Frames” of history, politics and culture, but also to facilitate both individual and group exploration of the larger American political community which Washington, DC uniquely represents.

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Media Products & Strategies for Communication Specialists

Communication specialists are charged with explaining the goals, mission and value of nonprofits, government operations and private sector enterprises around the nation. This course will incorporate a strategic exploration of political communication with a practical approach to media creation—both necessary to the communications specialist.

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Writing Commentaries on Race, Class and Gender

A course designed to propel Journalism, Communication and Public Relations students into the spotlight as columnists, broadcast commentators and spokespersons for news media, civic groups and government agencies that deal with race, class and gender issues.

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