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For universities that don’t have an Internship Program in Washington, WISH & WiSE Provide that opportunity

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WISH/WiSE partners with over 100 Colleges and UniversitiesWhite-Star-WISE-DC-INtern-program

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Schools with internship programs have higher retention rates





A semester in Washington is less than a semester abroad


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A semester in Washington can cost the same as a semester on campus  See scholarships

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Higher retention rates lead to degrees,  careers and helping the next class  





Washington D.C. alumni encouraged to be mentors to interns


Course Offerings for the 2018 Fall Semester

Washington, DC History, Culture and Politics

This is a course about “place;” the unique “place” of Washington, DC as America’s “National City.” It is designed not only to introduce you to the fascinating world of Washington, DC through the “Triple Frames” of history, politics and culture, but also to facilitate both individual and group exploration of the larger American political community which Washington, DC uniquely represents.

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Media Products & Strategies for Communication Specialists

Communication specialists are charged with explaining the goals, mission and value of nonprofits, government operations and private sector enterprises around the nation. This course will incorporate a strategic exploration of political communication with a practical approach to media creation—both necessary to the communications specialist.

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Writing Commentaries on Race, Class and Gender

A course designed to propel Journalism, Communication and Public Relations students into the spotlight as columnists, broadcast commentators and spokespersons for news media, civic groups and government agencies that deal with race, class and gender issues.

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