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You will be a part of a dynamic and diverse intern community at the WiSE Internship DC program in the heart of our Nation’s Capital and world spotlight. Because we believe internships change lives, WiSE invests in our future leaders by providing a thriving work/study experience through educational and networking events, a strong intern community, affordable student housing right on Capitol Hill and scholarship support. Our students tell us their semester here has changed their lives.

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Students invest a lot in their semester in DC.

We created the WiSE program because we know internships change lives, and we want you to make the most of your semester here.

That means more than just providing a safe, convenient place to stay. It means meeting your peers and sharing your experience with them to expand your own.

It means working at your dream job while earning college credit to advance your studies and your career.

While in the program, you will:

Red-Star-WISE Intern program DCIntern in offices of government, non-profits and organizations that set policies across the globe

Red-Star-WISE Intern program DCEarn college credits with the academic courses needed to advance your career on your home campus

Red-Star-WISE Intern program DCNetwork with professionals in your chosen field and students from around the world

DC Intern in front of Capitol

At the end of your semester in DC you will:

Red-Star-WISE Intern program DCHave vital work experience to uplevel your career—and a new kind of confidence

Red-Star-WISE Intern program DCHave experienced life in a highly competitive environment in the global spotlight and gained a new perspective. Our students say their experience changed their life.

Red-Star-WISE Intern program DCMake important business connections and build your network of contacts that will aid in getting introductions in the future


WiSE Alum serve in offices of the U.S. Congress, Senate, White House and government offices. They are leaders in organizations that represent and advance the interests of communities and groups at the highest level. They are motivated to change the lives of others.

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