The Process


Your Internship is all about YOU

It’s your career and your future. Your internship semester in DC is an important stepping stone in your educational and career journey. It’s also a chance to meet interns from all over the world, make friends for life and build your professional network. WISE is here to support you in getting here and making this the experience of a lifetime.

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When it comes to interning, Washington has it all:

  • Government
  • International Affairs
  • Finance
  • Criminal Justice
  • Media & Communications
  • Journalism
  • Science
  • Marketing
  • The Arts
  • and so much more!

WISE has been the DC home for over 40,000 interns for over 25 years. We are well-connected with government, institutions, businesses and non-profits and know how things work.

Washington is one of the most desirable locations for students to serve as interns. It’s an amazing city, at the epicenter of politics, history, the finest museums and a lively nightlife.

The Onboarding Process:

Apply • Advise & Prepare • Interview • Accept

• Application and response: Once your internship placement application is received, WISE will reach out to you to define your goals for your internship.

• Resume review: A professional will review your resume and work together with you to focus the contents and cover letter to achieve your goals.

• Partner with you in your search: We’ll let you know of internships matching your goals and navigate the interview process for each opportunity.

• Prepare you for your interview: WISE participates with you in mock interviews so you are ready and confident.

• Attend interviews: You will interview with your targeted organizations.

• Your decision: You decide whether to accept or decline the offers you receive.

The staff at WISE is here to support you every step of the way. Your semester interning in DC is challenging, but can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. 



• College Junior/Senior class status attending a college/university

• Cumulative Grade Point Average 3.0 minimum

• Two letters of recommendation

• Statement outlining your goals and what your DC experience would mean to you. 

• Recent academic transcript


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