History of Giving: The Mission

When the companies formed 25 years ago, the Founders’ Mission was to make DC Internship programs affordable to all, regardless of financial status. The WISH/WiSE Founders continue to make hundreds of scholarship contributions to support experiential education for students of all financial means.

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Every student accepted for the Fall 2018 semester will be awarded a full scholarship!

Apply now! Here are the requirements:

• College Junior/Senior class status attending a college/university

• Cumulative Grade Point Average 3.0 minimum

• Two letters of recommendation

• A statement outlining your goals and what your DC experience would mean to you.

• Recent academic transcript

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Financial need

Students in the Fall and Spring Semester programs are required to take 12 credits. Credits are given by the home school and classes are taken on the WiSE Capitol Hill campus.

  • Students pay tuition for 12 credit hours and housing costs to their school.
  • The School forwards housing costs to WiSE which provides furnished housing on Capitol Hill.
  • Additional cost for Academics and Placement in the Internship is $4,000.
  • Financial aid from the school or other sources can be used for this.

College to Congress

Every semester WiSE awards two full scholarships to College to Congress, a program Wise partners with, that provides 100% funding for deserving students in need of financial aid.

College to Congress Interns



Robert D. G. Lewis, former National President of the Society of Professional Journalists, Chairman of the National Freedom of Information Committee, graduate of MSU, grateful to the American Legion for the G.I. Bill which gave him his education.

Jacqueline Lewis, a well-known educator who served in Presidents Reagan and Bush Administrations leading the President’s Intergovernmental Advisory Commission on Education, recipient of a Marquette University scholarship which provided her education.

WISH/WiSE Founders continue to make hundreds of scholarship contributions to support experiential education for students of all financial means.


Jacqueline Lewis, Founder

“I pretty much do what I can”

Her involvements include New College of Florida — and also Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, to honor her oldest daughter who died of breast cancer at 49. She also supports all 10 female U.S. Senators who are running for re-election, among other candidates, and she made donations to Florida colleges whose students faced unexpected expenses during the hurricane season, so they could remain in school.

What our schools say:

“Scholarships have a powerful effect on students—you are changing their lives through the gift of education.”
MaryAnne C. Young, Executive Director, New College Foundation

“We believe every person who is determined to change his or her life through the pursuit of higher education should be afforded that opportunity. Your gift is tangible support of that belief.”
Ellice A. Martinez, Broward College

“Many thanks for your generous gift to assist students of Florida A&M University. Funds will be used to assist deserving students impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We appreciate you.”
Mechelle English, Associate VP, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

“Your contribution will have a direct impact on student’s lives by helping to ensure that they are able to continue their education despite personal setbacks or hardships.”
Patricia A. Whitely, VP, University of Miami

An Intern Success Story

“Dino Nzanga came to us through our partner, College to Congress, an organization that brings low-income students to DC and provides them upwards of $10,000 in scholarship and professional training,” said Jacqueline Lewis, founder. “Dino’s story is inspirational and when we learned that Senator Cantwell had a hand in helping Dino and his family, we wanted to turn our reception into a reunion.”

“Dino’s story represents how DC internships are changing lives for the better. WISH has helped over 25,000 interns, like Dino, to earn college credit, while preparing them for their professional journeys.”

College to Congress is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating pathways for students to intern on Capitol Hill who otherwise could not afford the opportunity. College to Congress aims to create a more diverse and inclusive landscape on Capitol Hill and inspire low-income students to pursue careers in public service. For more information go to


Dino Nzanga reunited with Maria Cantwell, US Senator WA

Spend a semester in DC! Apply now for the fall 2018 semester.

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