History of Giving: The Mission

When the companies formed 25 years ago, the Founders’ Mission was to make DC Internship programs affordable to all, regardless of financial status. The WISH/WiSE Founders continue to make hundreds of scholarship contributions to support experiential education for students of all financial means.

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The WISH/WiSE Foundation supports four-year colleges or universities to provide scholarships to students who wish to participate in experiential education programs (i.e., internships) which take place outside the college campus. Students must demonstrate financial need and have a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

$1,500 Intern Placement Scholarships are earmarked for students enrolled in online courses from their college during their internship in Washington, DC

$4,000 Intern Placement and Academic Scholarship are earmarked for students in courses arranged by WiSE and approved by the home school during their internship in Washington D.C.

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WISH/WiSE Founders


Robert D. G. Lewis

Robert D.G. Lewis, longtime Washington journalist, was a leader in numerous media organizations. He is former Chairman of the National Press Club’s Board of Governors and former President of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). He was a correspondent for the Washington Bureau of Newhouse Newspapers and member of the White House Correspondents Association. Lewis appreciated the American Legion for sponsoring the G.I. Bill, which enabled him to get a degree in journalism from Michigan State University. Many scholarships are awarded to journalism students each year in his honor as well as the Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award aimed at protecting the public from abuses by those who would betray the public trust.

Honorable Jacqueline Lewis

Hon. Jacqueline Lewis, educator and philanthropist, was appointed by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush to lead the President’s Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education. Ms. Lewis credits her passion for education to receiving her own scholarship from Marquette University, which resulted in her achieving her college degree. In her early years of secondary teaching, Ms. Lewis developed a curriculum built on experiential learning to bring those with disabilities into the classroom of students without disabilities.

“Experiential learning resulted in students of all abilities gaining insight into the real world outside home and school, while gaining the self-confidence to go on,” said Ms. Lewis. “The more students learn about the world around them, the more they can learn about themselves.”

Ms. Lewis an active supporter of her Alma Mater and other universities.  She honors her oldest daughter, who died of breast cancer at 49, by supporting research as a Board Member of the Moffitt Cancer in Tampa.  Students, who were recently affected by the hurricanes in Florida and Texas, received needed support for unexpected expenses from the hurricanes to remain in school.

The WISH/WiSE Foundation continues the Lewis Family beliefs in higher education made available through experiential learning, affordable and inclusive.


Honorable Jacqueline Lewis, Founder

“I do what I can”

Her involvements include her Alma Mater and other universities—and also Moffitt Cancer in Tampa, to honor her oldest daughter who died of breast cancer at 49. She also supports all 13 female U.S. Senators who are running for re-election, among other candidates and she made donations to Florida and Texas colleges to help students with unexpected expenses from the hurricanes, remain in school.

What the New York Times says:

“ College and university leaders are trying to navigate increasingly complex issues on campus, like affordability and inclusion.”
Learning Issue, June 6, 2018

What our partners say:

“ Your investment has had a lasting impact…enabled us to expand academic offerings, provide support for student scholarships, financial aid awards and travel stipends.”
University of Albany

“ This work would not be possible without your generous support.”
Arizona State University

“ Your gift to the Washington program will have a lasting impact on our students.”
California State University at Northridge

“ You have truly made a difference in our student’s lives.”
Centre College

An Intern Success Story

“Dino Nzanga came to us through our partner, College to Congress, an organization that brings low-income students to DC and provides them upwards of $10,000 in scholarship and professional training,” said Jacqueline Lewis, founder. “Dino’s story is inspirational and when we learned that Senator Cantwell had a hand in helping Dino and his family, we wanted to turn our reception into a reunion.”

“Dino’s story represents how DC internships are changing lives for the better. WISH has helped over 25,000 interns, like Dino, to earn college credit, while preparing them for their professional journeys.”


Dino Nzanga reunited with Maria Cantwell, US Senator WA

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